Workshop on Leadership in Higher Education and Strategic Approaches to Transforming Teaching and Learning




The Telangana State Council of Higher Education organized a workshop in coordination with the British Council of India on 03.10.2018. The workshop was on Leadership in Higher Education and Strategic Approaches to Transforming Teaching and Learning. The Chairman, TSCHE, Prof. T. Papi Reddy spoke on the need of improving GER in the state of Telangana. He also addressed the Vice-Chancellors to ensure the quality of Higher Education and employability of the youth in the State. The Commissioner of Collegiate Education, Sri. Navin Mittal, IAS, explained the need to revise the curriculum of Higher Education to update the technological know-how. He said that the students have to be well trained to meet the needs of the modern society. The Vice-Chairman, TSCHE, Prof. R. Limbadri spoke on the various issues that are routed in the Universities and an immediate need to weed them out. The Vice-Chairman, TSCHE, Prof. V. Venkata Ramana spoke on the need of the leadership in Higher Education and thanked the British Council and Telangana State Council of Higher Education for organizing the workshop. At the end of the day he summarized and recorded the details of the workshop.

Ms. Manjula Rao, the Director of Higher Education, British Council of India, Hyderabad, gave a clear note on the activities of the British Council of India and expressed her willingness to coordinate many such activities. The two trainees Ms. Jo Chaffer, Associate Advance Higher Education and Global Consultant organized an interactive workshop for the Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, Professors, and Principals of the Government Degree Colleges. She derived the need of leadership in the present society and evolved the qualities of an academic leader. She expressed that the leadership is a journey of a thousand steps and each one as yet unknown. She explained that a leader should be relational and is expected to know everything about everyone. In the afternoon Ms. Becky Smith, Associate Director, International Advance Higher Education organized an interactive workshop on Strategic Approaches to Transforming Teaching and Learning. She illustrated the qualities of a good teacher. She focused on teaching strategies and teaching excellence. She elaborated on the key components of teaching excellence. She also spoke on various professional aspects which the universities should concentrate on. She offered ‘Professional Standard Framework’ of Advance Higher Education to all universities which is going global. The workshop concluded with the Vice-Chancellors speaking about the challenges of their respective universities. Prof. T. Papi Reddy CHAIRMAN, TSCHE

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