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Category B Students lists Upload System for Pvt. Colleges: 2020-21
  • All Colleges must register using their college code and mobile number. Last year registration does not work.
  • Seperate registration is necessary for Engg/MBA/MCA Colleges/ Courses.
  • Before registering and uploading, read the below instructions/ guidelines and also those contained in the corresponding Notifications.
  • B.Pharm and D.Pharm lists must be entered in separate worksheets in the same excel file 
  • MBA and MCA lists must be entered in separate worksheets in the same excel file
  • Excel file name must be your four letter college code ( like CVSR.xls or CVSR.xlsx)
  • All Fees may be paid online and printed proof of transaction may be submitted.


  1. The downloaded proforma file should be used to fill the required student data and saved using your college code as the file name . e.g [DCET.xlsx]. The file extension will be either .xls or .xlsx depending on the version of excel used.

  2. The required fields of data about the admitted students are included in the proforma file.

  3. You have to fill data of each course in a separate sheet.

  4. Sheet1, Sheet2 .. etc names - found at the bottom of the spread sheet screen - should be changed by double clicking on it - to CSE, ECE, MEch etc.

  5. SW-II and SW-III colleges are required to place the Cat-A 70% and Cat-B 30 % admission lists in the given excel sheets in the proforma file.

  6. You are required to upload the completed MS Excel file only. No other file format is allowed to be uploaded.  Annexure-II and Annexure-III hard copies are to be submitted along with hard copies of the students lists in the office.

  1. College should register first by inputting college code, email and mobile number.
  2. Once all fields are filled in and submitted by pressing the submit button, the college code and generated password will be sent to your e-mail.
  3. Then login form must be used to login and upload the excel file.
  1. Enter the required login credentials: college code and password.
  2. After [submit] button is clicked the "file select and upload" form will come up.
  3. Click the [chose file button and chose your excel file from d]irectory listing of your computer storage devices, either hard disk or usb etc.
  4. Then press [upload] button. If file already exists it will be replaced by the new one.
  5. Except excel type file, no other file type will be uploaded
For any help/ clarification, email to; for any technical help email to [ Prof. A. Sadanandam: 9848203174]. 
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